The Good Place Season 1 Episode 6 HDTV – TORRENT [S01E06] [720p]


The Good Place Season 1 Episode 6 HDTV - TORRENT [S01E06] [720p]

The Good Place Season 1 Episode 6 HDTV – TORRENT [S01E06] [720p]



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The Good Place is an American fantasy sitcom television series created by Mike Schur, starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. NBC placed a 13-episode, straight-to-series order for the show in August 2015. The series debuted on Monday, September 19, 2016, before being moved to its Thursday night 8:30pm time slot on September 22, 2016. A preview trailer was released on May 15, 2016.

The Good Place is a town where those who have been good throughout their life go to once they have passed away. Michael (Danson) is the architect who oversees the town. Eleanor (Bell) arrives at the Good Place and realizes she doesn’t deserve to be there. With the help of Michael, Eleanor seeks to right her wrongs seeking to finally earn her place at the Good Place.

After she is struck and killed by a tractor-trailer carrying a billboard for erectile dysfunction products, a woman named Eleanor wakes up to discover she has entered the afterlife. But when she is told by her mentor Michael that she is in “the good place” because of her good deeds by helping get innocent people off death row, and other international humanitarian work, she realizes that a mistake has been made as people think she is someone else with the same name. Additionally, upon arrival she learns that each person in the good place has a soulmate with whom they are matched, and accordingly, will forever live with in eternity.

Stuck in a world where nobody can curse or experience a hangover and everyone is always nice, Eleanor finds herself trying to stay in this afterlife. Now Eleanor must hide her not-so-perfect moral behavioral past from everyone (except for her assigned soulmate Chidi, who in life, was a university professor of ethics), so they won’t send her to “the bad place”. Chidi tries to teach Eleanor how to become a good person so that she can stay in the good place.

Shortly thereafter, Eleanor realizes that some of her behavior and actions can and do catastrophically affect their world, causing negative and sometimes disastrous events in the neighborhood in which she was assigned to live (and which was personally designed and built by Michael, a Godlike figure). She soon learns that she isn’t the only “mistake” that was sent to this afterlife, indicating there may be others like her hiding behind a precarious facade.

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