Howl 2015 [Hindi Dubbed] – TORRENT [720p]


Howl 2015

Howl 2015 [Hindi Dubbed] – TORRENT [720p]



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When passengers on a train are attacked by a creature, they must band together in order to survive until morning.

Down-on-his-luck Alpha Trax train guard Joe Griffin (Ed Speleers) arrives at Waterloo Station in time to start his shift on one of the overnight passenger train, which is scheduled to depart London at midnight under a full moon. A group of passengers is introduced, consisting of Kate (Shauna Macdonald), Adrian (Elliot Cowan), Matthew (Amit Shah), Billy (Sam Gittens), Nina (Rosie Day), Paul (Calvin Dean) and Ged (Duncan Preston) and his wife Jenny (Ania Marson). While he checks the passengers for tickets, he meets his unrequited love, the tea-trolley girl, Ellen (Holly Weston), who consoles him for being turned down for a promotion.

An hour after departure, the train is travelling through a remote and forested part of the English countryside, in a mobile communication “dead zone”. Here the train is forced to undergo an emergency brake to prevent a derailment when a deer runs onto the track. The train driver Tony (Sean Pertwee) goes outside to remove the body of the deer from the undercarriage. Whilst outside, Tony gets the deer’s blood on him, and is suddenly eviscerated by the creature.

Meanwhile, the passengers inside the stranded Alpha Trax are all initially strangers, from different walks of British life, are passively-aggressive towards each other, and demand that Joe get the train moving. The already strained situation is deepened when the train’s fuel lines are severed and the radio antenna gets destroyed in a series of attacks, and subsequently the passengers are cut off from the rest of the world. After Joe discovers that Tony is missing, he tries to convince everyone to remain calm, but Adrian convinces everyone that the best choice is to disembark and walk towards the nearest station. Joe leads the group away from the train, but soon discovers the disemboweled body of Tony.

They all immediately rush back into the train as the howls begin. Jenny is bitten by the werewolf as they try to drag her into the safety of the train. The group scramble to help Jenny, then sit around debating what it could have been that attacked and wounded Jenny. Kate goes to check on Nina when the werewolf attempts to get in through the door. Suddenly Nina’s phone begins to ring, and just as she answers it the werewolf smashes through a window, grabbing her and dragging her through much to Kate’s horror as Nina is heard screaming from the roof of the train and blood begins to pour down a window.

Jenny’s husband and old-timer passenger Ged (Duncan Preston) recall a similar event happening in exactly the same spot – the Great Thornton Forest Rail Crash of 1963 – whereby all the passengers were found dismembered and partially eaten the following morning. He motivates the remaining passengers to reinforce all the windows in the cabin to help prevent further break-ins by the werewolves. Billy offers to help repair the train, and is accompanied by Matthew to act as a lookout. However, Matthew is distracted by calls for help, and wanders into the forest, only to be confronted and killed by three werewolves just when he discovers the half eaten body of Nina.

Billy manages to repair the train enough so that Joe can start the train. However, with the werewolves circling the train, Billy hides by pulling himself up into the undercarriage as the train starts moving. Kate is thrown out of the train by Adrian and killed by the werewolves. While trying to hold on, Billy accidentally pulls on the fuel line, which disables the train again.

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