Sorority Slaughterhouse 2016 MOVIE – TORRENT [720p]


Sorority Slaughterhouse 2016 MOVIE - TORRENT [720p]

Sorority Slaughterhouse 2016 MOVIE – TORRENT [720p]



Sorority Slaughterhouse 2016 – Full MOVIE | FREE DOWNLOAD | TORRENT |  HD 1080p | x264 | WEB-DL | DD5.1 | H264 | MP4 | 720p | DVD | Bluray.

A tight knit group of sorority girls with dark pasts, including one who just committed murder, wake up one morning only to discover that they are locked inside their own sorority house. Things get worse when the find out that an escape psycho murderer, is in the house with them.

Sorority Slaughterhouse follows a popular sorority house in the Hollywood Hills as a pint sized terror takes them apart one by one. Following a prank pulled on the college’s dean (Eric Roberts), one of the sorority sisters puts a love spell on the the man in a bid to take the heat off the rest of her Greek family.

When she finally breaks off their affair, the emotional effects of the spell and a misplaced witching item causes the dean to shoot himself – his blood splattering on a 12 inch clown doll and inadvertently transferring his soul into it. Bent on getting revenge for his broken heart and newly downsized stature, Bobo the Killer Clown makes his way to the sorority house just as the majority of the young women have cleared out for Spring Break.

Five of them remain, and two of their boyfriends, but one by one they fall prey to the mini-killer as he murders them in bizarre and erotic ways. It’s all fun in games when you’re in college until a crazed, psychotic doll comes knocking at your door! Who will survive and how will they stop a killer they don’t see coming?

As I mentioned above, Sorority Slaughterhouse had all the pieces in place to be a really good flick. The only problem is… DeCoteau doesn’t seem to be trying anymore and wasted all of these opportunities. Yes, I understand that Sorority Slaughterhouse is supposed to have a certain level of camp, as did the Puppet Master movies, but this movie took that little background mood and made it the central theme which made the movie void of any real suspense and horror that it could have had in the first place.

And this pains me. Literally pains me. When I was watching it, there were moments when Sorority Slaughterhouse felt like a retro killer doll movie. They were brief, but they were there. The puppet prop and the scores were late 80’s and early 90’s and, coupled with the plot, opened the door for blips of nostalgia.

The acting was much better than previous DeCoteau titles and the cinematography and camera work was of higher quality; with the last 10 minutes being absolutely perfect. Sorority Slaughterhouse was so close to being a good movie. No groups of shirtless men (not that I’d complain) and no endless establishing shots making up 60% of the movie… but, sadly, no real horror either.

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