Room in Rome 2010 – TORRENT [Movie] [720p] [1080p]


Room in Rome 2010

Room in Rome 2010 – TORRENT [Movie] [720p] [1080p]



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Room in Rome (Spanish: Habitación en Roma, Russian: Комната в Риме Komnata v Rime) is a 2010 Spanish erotic, comedy-drama, lesbian romance film, depicting emotional and sexual relations of two women (Alba and Natasha) throughout a single night in a hotel room in Rome. The plot is loosely based on another film, En la cama (In Bed). Room in Rome was Julio Medem’s first English language film.

Alba (Elena Anaya), a 30-something Spanish tourist in Rome, brings a younger Russian woman Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko) to her hotel room during their last night of vacation in Rome. The details of how they met in a club are left vague. Natasha is at first quite reluctant, insisting she’s straight, but the clearly more experienced Alba handles deftly around Natasha’s hesitance. Flattered and tempted by Alba, Natasha responds to her sexual advances, but continues to maintain that she is straight and has never had sex with a woman. Alba counters by claiming that she is a lesbian and has never had sex with a man.

Alba and Natasha first get undressed and into bed, but Natasha is still very nervous. Alba suggests that they first lay side by side and only casually touch each other’s faces. They do so until Alba becomes so relaxed that she falls asleep. Natasha quietly gets out of bed, gets dressed and leaves the room, wondering what would have happened if she stayed and consummated her curiosity and attraction to Alba. In her rush to leave, Natasha leaves her cell phone behind, and the ring-tone wakes up Alba. Natasha soon returns and asks Alba for her cell phone, but is reluctant to enter the room again. When a passing night-shift waiter named Max passes by, Alba grabs Natasha and takes her back into the room. While talking about the location of Natasha’s hotel and looking at an old map of Rome from the 1st century, Alba continues to flirt with Natasha with her naked body. Natasha soon succumbs to her attraction and curiosity towards Alba, leading her to quickly get undressed once again and into bed where she and Alba have sex for the first time.

Over the next 10 hours, Alba and Natasha grow closer to each other as Natasha becomes more relaxed and comfortable around Alba with their lovemaking. Alba and Natasha share stories, periodically stopping to illustrate their points with pictures on the Internet, talk about the artwork in the hotel room, and explore each other’s nude bodies through sex. Alba first tells a story about how her mother abandoned her when she was a little girl and she ended up as the kept woman of a wealthy Arab in Saudi Arabia, while Natasha later shares a story of her abusive father and her twin sister’s career as an art historian.

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