Lost in the Pacific 2016 – TORRENT [720p] [1080p]

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Lost in the Pacific 2016

Lost in the Pacific 2016 – TORRENT [720p] [1080p]



Lost in the Pacific 2016 – Full Movie | FREE DOWNLOAD | TORRENT | HD 1080p | x264 | WEB-DL | DD5.1 | H264 | MP4 | 720p | DVD | Bluray.

A story centered around a group of elite passengers on board an inaugural luxury, transoceanic flight that turns into a disaster.

Lost in the Pacific (simplified Chinese: 蒸发太平洋; traditional Chinese: 蒸發太平洋; pinyin: Zhēngfā Tàipíng Yáng) is a 2016 Chinese action film starring Brandon Routh and Zhang Yuqi. Filming took place in Spring 2015 at Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Malaysia. It was released on January 29, 2016.

The year is 2020, two armed soldiers pass through the dark forest of Fortune Island, a seemingly deserted island in the middle of the Pacific. Suddenly, something in the darkness catches their attention, they scream in terror On the other side of earth, the owner of Ocean Airlines, Mr. Gary Gao, launches the maiden voyage of his luxurious new passenger aircraft, the state-of-the-art, A390. The trip begins in Rio and much fanfare will await the aircraft’s arrival in Hong Kong. The VIP guests on board include billionaire Prince Khadsa of Saudi Arabia, famed pop singer Colin, award-winning Hong Kong actress Lily Young, retired American sports star Rodman, renowned journalist, Mia Ren and her cameraman, Bob, of International News Web, celebrated Sichuan chef Mr. Liu, and the acclaimed blind cellist Kim Woo Nam.

Unbeknownst to all but himself, Gary and Ocean Airlines are in dire straits financially and Gary intends to confirm Prince Khadsa’s proposed investment during the flight to save the company. Soon after takeoff it is learned that Chef Liu became ill and could not make the flight. Chef Liu has sent Mike, a handsome American, to replace him. As a Sichuanese, Ruoxin, the beautiful and decisive Co-Captain, doubts if this clumsy westerner can make proper Sichuan food, so she keeps finding fault with him. While everybody is enjoying the many amenities of the luxury flight, the aircraft passes through a major thunderstorm over the Pacific and gets struck by lightning. The crew, fearing the plane has been damaged, wants to land somewhere as soon as possible to inspect the aircraft. At first Gary, who wants to reach Hong Kong in record time, resists the crew’s insistence on landing and tells them to push on at any cost. Eventually Gary decides to allow the crew to land the plane on the seemingly deserted Fortune Island, so they can see if there has been any irreparable damage. To avoid any notice of the emergency landing, Gary turns of the plane’s location tracker.

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