Kamikaze 2016 – TORRENT [720p]


Kamikaze 2016

Kamikaze 2016 – TORRENT [720p]



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Evan Reed is a disillusioned ex M.I.6 agent who has become a mercenary for hired. Hired to steals file containing incriminating evidence linking the Prime Minister with illegal weapons contractors, Evan realizes he is in way over his head.

It’s a big, bold movie that has the guts to call itself Kamikaze, and Kamikaze is just such a movie. A bizarre hybrid of genres that wants to do many things but doesn’t do any of them very well, the film’s mix of black comedy, romance, melodrama and morality appears to be the work of a confident young Turk, someone who knows he wants to do something different, but can’t successfully follow through on the consequences of his original idea. Technically, Kamikaze is classy, features a good cast and its intriguing premise could attract some offshore interest — but as a viewing experience, it’s uneven at best.

The early sequences have the persuasive high gloss of the political thriller, as Slatan (Alex Garcia), a Kazakh from the invented former Russian state of Karadjistan – why can the script not have the courage of its convictions and, Borat-style, use a real country? — straps on a bomb belt and makes his way onto an airplane bound for Madrid. Inevitably there are echoes of United 93.

Due to snow, the flight is canceled and Slatan finds himself holed up in a hotel alongside his intended victims: a big new idea worth getting excited about, which makes the predictable superficiality of what comes afterwards all the more disappointing. Slatan’s fellow passengers are a rather random crew, including garrulous Argentinean shoe-salesman Eugene (Eduardo Blanco), who prefers wearing women’s shoes to men’s; depressed Nancy (Veronica Echegui); recently-bereaved Lola (Carmen Machi, currently visible to millions of Spaniards in Spanish Affair) and her two sons; and bickering honeymoon couple Natalia (Leticia Dolera, [REC] 3) and Camilo (Ivan Massague). Slowly, the group’s positive vibes will start to penetrate the implacable facade of Slatan.

Early on, Slatan enters a toilet to find Nancy attempting suicide, and quietly bonds with her by miming to her that to do this successfully it’s best to cut along the wrists, not across. Later, she tells him that this made her warm to him, which is presumably supposed to be darkly funny – but like too much of this film, the humor is not rooted in anything real, least of all the characters. By the time the big climax comes around, via a series of sequences ranging from the mildly amusing to the maudlin to the risible, Kamikaze’s pilot has ejected.

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