Jane Got a Gun 2016 – TORRENT [Movie] [720p] [1080p]


Jane Got a Gun 2016

Jane Got a Gun 2016 – TORRENT [Movie] [720p] [1080p]



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Jane Got a Gun is a 2016 American action western film directed by Gavin O’Connor and written by Brian Duffield, Joel Edgerton, and Anthony Tambakis. The film stars Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, Noah Emmerich, Rodrigo Santoro, Boyd Holbrook, and Ewan McGregor.

Principal photography began on March 21, 2013. The film was released on January 29, 2016.

Jane and her husband Bill “Ham” Hammond live in an isolated house with their five year old daughter Katie. One day Ham returns home with several serious bullet wounds. As Jane is attending to his injuries, Ham tells her that “the Bishop Boys are coming”. This is a gang of vicious criminals, led by John Bishop, that Ham himself used to ride with.

Realizing that she is going to need help in order to defend her home and family from the Bishops (Ham’s injuries have rendered him helpless) Jane takes her daughter to a place of safety, with a woman friend whom she trusts. She then rides to the home of a neighbour, Dan Frost, and asks him if he will help her to protect her property from the Bishop Boys. Dan, a somewhat surly man who lives in a squalid, dirty house, refuses to help. It is obvious from their brief conversation that there is some past history – and bitterness – between Dan and Jane.

Jane rides into town, to buy guns and ammunition, and hopefully to find someone who will help her family. As she is leaving the gun shop, she is waylaid and dragged into an alley by one of the Bishop gang. He threatens her at gunpoint and – despite Jane protesting that she “hasn’t seen Hammond in years” – he demands that she take him back to her house, as he is convinced that Ham is there, having recognized the gun Jane is carrying as one belonging to Hammond. However, at this point Dan Frost suddenly appears and tells the thug to leave Jane alone. While the two men are distracted, Jane draws her gun and kills the outlaw.

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