Crimson Peak 2015 – TORRENT [720p] [1080p]


Crimson Peak 2015

Crimson Peak 2015 – TORRENT [720p] [1080p]



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In the aftermath of a family tragedy, an aspiring author is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider. Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to a house that breathes, bleeds… and remembers.

Crimson Peak is a 2015 American gothic romance film[3] directed, co-produced and co-written by Guillermo del Toro, co-produced by Callum Greene Jon Jashni and Thomas Tull and co-written by Matthew Robbins. It stars Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam and Jim Beaver.

The film premiered at the Fantastic Fest on November 25, 2015 and was released by Universal Pictures on October 16. It grossed $74.7 million from a $55 million budget and received generally positive reviews from critics.

In Buffalo, New York, 1887, Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) is the young daughter of wealthy American businessman Carter Cushing (Jim Beaver). Edith’s mother dies from black cholera and has to be buried with a closed casket ceremony, never allowing the young girl a proper goodbye. Edith is visited by her mother’s black, disfigured ghost who warns her, “Beware of Crimson Peak.” Young Edith is frightened by the gruesome ghost of her deceased mother and the warning means nothing to her until years later.

Fourteen years later, Edith, now a budding author, meets the mysterious and dapper Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), an English baronet who has come to the United States with his sister, Lucille (Jessica Chastain), to seek investors for his clay-mining invention. Unimpressed with Sharpe’s previous failures to raise capital, Mr. Cushing rejects Thomas’ proposal. Edith’s mother’s spirit once again visits her, bearing the same warning which stills means nothing to Edith.

When Thomas and Edith become romantically involved, her father and Edith’s childhood friend, Dr. Alan McMichael (Charlie Hunnam), disapprove. Mr. Cushing hires a private detective who uncovers unsavory facts about the Sharpes. Mr. Cushing bribes the siblings to have Thomas end his relationship with Edith.

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