Bad Night 2015 – TORRENT [720p]

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Bad Night 2015

Bad Night 2015 – TORRENT [720p]



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When Kate and Abby are mistaken for famous art thieves, their fun night out quickly goes from good to bad.

Bad Night is an American adventure film starring YouTube personalities Jenn McAllister and Lauren Luthringshausen. The screenplay was written by Daniel Kinno and directed by Chris and Nick Riedell. The film was released on July 21, 2015 exclusively through Vimeo on Demand.

Kate (Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen) and Abby (Jenn McAllister) are heading to school for a field trip for their art history class that will award them extra credit if they attend. Right before Kate joins her classmates to wait for the school bus, she is informed by her parents that they are no longer able to pay for her college education due to another one of her father’s failed investments, much to Kate’s disappointment. After a morning spent at an art museum, the class stops at a restaurant for lunch. Although Kate and Abby find the food served repulsive and sickening, their classmates willingly consume it.

Kate and Abby decide to eat granola bars Abby brought instead of the served food. While the class is on its way to its next stop after leaving the restaurant, everyone on the bus except for Kate and Abby become nauseous due to the lunch they ate and start vomiting. The teacher, having also eaten the food, brings the class to a motel to spend the night and recover. As Kate and Abby are in the motel asking for rooms, Abby notices an envelope on the counter with the names Viceroy and Monarch written on them.

Meanwhile, Ari (Matt Walsh), gang leader and the owner of a nearby roller skating rink, meets with a driver known as Wheels (Owen Smith) and negotiates a deal. Wheels must drive the two art thieves Ari has hired, who go by the code names Viceroy and Monarch, to help them steal a painting that Ari plans to sell. In return, Wheels will receive a sum of money from the exchange. Wheels agrees to the deal, but on the condition that he will cut off all connections with Ari after this final job. Ari informs Wheels of the motel where the art thieves are to be picked up, which is revealed to be the same motel where Kate and Abby are staying.

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